How To Track Your Company's Missing Money

When money goes missing from your company's accounts, you need to identify and track the problem. Luckily, you have several resources that can help you accomplish this task; you just need to know which ones will best suit your needs.

Hire a Computer Analyst

Your first option for tracking lost money is to hire a computer analyst. These individuals can track simple to complex strings of data quickly. Their training allows them to isolate specific numbers or access codes that your system requires for money transfers.

When you have smaller amounts of money that are not in their proper accounts, this option can help you locate errors made by employees. In many cases, simple mistakes such as entering the wrong payment amount can cause issues with your accounting department. The computer analyst can check specifically for these types of errors so the problem is handled as quickly as possible.

Consult an Accounting Investigator

If the computer analyst can't find any trace of the money, your best option is to consult an accounting investigator, such as Epps Forensic Consulting PLLC. This type of investigator specializes in identifying how money is transferred from one account to another without causing someone to immediately notice the money was moved.

Aside from identifying the source of the leak, many investigators can track the money using the digital signature of the transfers. The digital signature can be a series of numbers such as account numbers, routing numbers, and country codes that will allow the investigator to follow the digital path overseas.

Unfortunately, some thieves are making it harder to track money digitally, because they are turning it into virtual money that does not exist anywhere except for online. If the investigator finds this to be the case, it may be impossible to recuperate the money your company lost by simply tracking it back to a single account.

File a Lawsuit

When you have information that tells you who took your company's money, you can use the investigators services to testify on your behalf. Even if the investigator is unable to help you get your money back, they can at least assist you with both criminal and civil lawsuits.

Since the investigators and computer analyst follow digital trails, they can both explain to the courts how the money was taken. Additionally, these individuals can help authorities find the identity of the person or people involved, if they are able to gather enough proof during their search for your company's missing money.