Is Collecting Unique Items Your New Hobby? Look for Bronze Sculptures at a Pawn Shop

If you recently embarked on a new hobby as an art or jewelry collector but can't find anything unique enough to buy online or locally, try your luck at a pawn shop. Customers who need money fast may pawn their paintings, sculptures or antique jewelry to get it. Most of these customers never return to pick up their valuables, because they don't have the money to pay off their pawn loans.

In many cases, you can find things you didn't know existed, as well as items of interest you probably spent time researching online. So, before you scavenge garage sales and thrift stores, visit a pawn shop and look for items, such as bronze sculptures, below.

Why Buy Bronze Sculptures at a Pawn Shop?

If you watch reality television shows like Pawn Stars, you're probably familiar with the things customers bring into the shop. Although some of the items, such as the art, appear fake, ugly or not worth collecting, many of the things you see on the show are valuable enough to collect, including patina-colored bronze sculptures.

Sculptures make excellent collectible items that can increase in value over time—especially if they're made of bronze. Bronze is a beautiful, brown metal that changes to patina once it's exposed to the environment. Patina gives sculptures an antique appearance, which is very unique and valuable in the art collecting world.

Some customers may pass up the chance to purchase bronze sculptures with the patina look. That's because patina often develops different colors in the finish as it ages, or when it's not covered by glass or some other airtight material. For example, gold, green, reddish-brown, or silver may form within the brown color of a sculpture. Like many other metals, bronze oxidizes or undergoes chemical changes when exposed to air. 

What Type of Bronze Sculptures to Look For at the Pawn Shop?

Finding bronze sculptures that are worth collecting won't be easy. But if you have an idea of what to look for, you can find a variety of unique art pieces to collect. Here are different types of bronze sculptures you can look for when you visit a pawn shop:

  • Buddhas
  • Statues of Roman deities, such as gods and goddesses
  • Cowboys and Indians on horseback, or standing alone
  • Animals, such as the Bald eagle and American buffalo

These are many other images or themes you can look at a pawn shop. 

Before you skip the bronze sculptures you see at a pawn shop, take a moment to look them over. You might find a beautiful antique to add to your collection.