How To Claim A Tax Deduction For A Home Equity Loan

Homeowners increase their level of home equity with each monthly mortgage payment. Equity is also increased as the value of a property rises over time. Homeowners may be able to take a tax deduction for the cost of interest on a home equity loan, even if the loan proceeds are used for personal expenditures. Two different uses of equity The deductibility of a home equity loan depends largely on how the proceeds from the loan are used. [Read More]

Three Reasons To Patronize The Same Payday Lender

If you use payday loans on occasions when you are short of money, it helps to use the same lender again. There are certain advantages that payday loan customers enjoy when they use the services of a good lender several times. The following are three reasons to us the same lender for your cash advance needs. Employment and income verification time is reduced or eliminated Regardless of what you have seen or heard about getting a payday loan, they will need to verify your employment. [Read More]

Arts And Other Crafts: Forming A Business As A Performer

You were born to entertain. You were not born for paperwork. Unfortunately for everyone, tax time means that everyone needs to stop what they are doing and properly prepare their federal and state taxes. As a performer, you may find that nearly all of your expenses encompass business expenses in one way or another. Whether you are an actor, musician, dancer, or designer you should think about starting a business in order to make tax time and wages easier to decipher. [Read More]

Not Just For Farms: Vital Facts About USDA Loans

If you thought that being a home-owner was just a dream, you need to know about a government-sponsored program just for people like you. The U.S Department of Agriculture has a loan guarantee program that makes it possible for people with little-to-no down payment to actually buy a home of their own. If you are tired of spending money on rent instead of building equity in your own home, read on for what you need to know about USDA loans. [Read More]